How to find startup companies to invest in

Jahangir Alom Sujon
4 min readOct 13, 2020


A stock doesn’t represent an electronic blip. The interest is like ownership in a real business, and it does not depend on a share price. So, when you are investing in any company, you don’t need a higher degree. Make sure you have patience and other necessary knowledge.

The best part?

In this article, I made up my mind to share a step by step method on finding startup companies to invest in. No matter if you are a student or completed the degree, below these powerful strategies and your patient will present you as a good investor.

A great investor is not someone who wishes could make money. Instead, a real investor thinks It’s a Game-changer. Happily, when you know the importance of investment, let’s dive into these step by step rules.


The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient person. The most important part of the investment is patience. Many people don’t understand the basics of investment; they think it’s a skim to become rich.

There are two types of investors in the market. One is speculators, and the second is real investors.

Speculation always looks at market time. The speculators think this time market could be growing, and now I should invest. This time Is down, and now I shouldn’t invest.

If you are investing depends on the share market, that means you are a speculator. It’s almost impossible what will be tomorrow in the market. It can be easy for a speculator to make money for a short time, but a long-term journey speculator will fail.

However, if you choose the investment, you need to be patient and have enough time to research the investing company.

What is the main difference between these investors?

The speculator invests from his Emotions, and the Real investor research properly on the company.

Pro Point: The real investor will make money, but the impatient person (Speculator) will lose money without going long.

How important to Know the Industry Market and Trends

Before investing in your selected industry, research it thoroughly. Without any doubt, you can make better decisions to reach your goal through research.

How to Research Industry

Read the tread magazine and different articles on that topic and compare it to the other three to four companies. Make an annual report on it. That way, you can understand where you should invest.

Look at your Investment Pitch

When you are ready to invest in an industry, you should also consider the entrepreneur who operates that company. How much are they passionate about working on their startup? Find out a real startup. Collect as much information about the company owner so that you can determine an almost safe company.

Have They Set Realistic Expectations?

The successful investors believe the strength to express practical expectations in the company. It is a sign of a trustworthy entrepreneur. You should find out the company, who knows what kind of problem they can solve and why they are doing it.

What is the Chemistry Between the Investor and Entrepreneur?

Pleasant and right communication is the most critical part of building a successful Startup. You are gaining your partner, and If you don’t know or catch his unbiased opinion, it will be a failure for you. That is why make sure you identify excellent or bad chemistry. That way, you can go one step more for a successful investor.

Are they Used Business Maps?

The actual deadlines are not entrepreneurs who are serious about his startup. Suppose the entrepreneur has no business map and doesn’t know where they want to go, then how they can achieve their Goal. You should take knowledge of the startup, whether they have a business goal or not.

If the entrepreneur is serious about funding and organized, it’s a good thing.

Mersin of safety

It’s not an important point. The stock market price is high or down. It can be down because people’s emotions are not right about a startup or negative news. On the other side, another company does not have a goal, and the price is high Mersin.

Key Takeaways: The Real Investor looks at the realistic expectation, Problem-solving capability, and Business map.

What question should you ask yourself in investment?

If the company was not listed in the stock market and wanted to buy that company, how much money did I spend?

First, calculate this value and then buy the stock. The real investor calculates, according to what he researched before.

If the price is lower than you researched, it’s good news. On the other hand, if you are buying at a high price, it’s not the best choice.

Advance: Identify a market Niche you love

Before coming up with investment, identifying the niche market is super essential, Primarily when you are investing money.

Why is it important?

Making money in investment can be difficult if you are not interested in that particular niche. There you will feel troublesome.

Let me give a classic example; you don’t want to read about the topic you want to invest in. How can you research properly? That way, you cannot gather enough information and will fail.

Important Note: Even some people don’t like the topic, they can research in an uncomfortable niche. If you can study efficiently on an awkward topic, It’s a plus for you to invest in any company you want.

Final Thought

I believe you enjoyed and got all valuable information finding a startup company correctly; I think you already understand investing in any industry is not a tough deal. Follow the above steps and find the best one to reduce the fear of investment.

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